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This is Haylee. I met her online recently and was given permission to share her story. Shes 16 years old and has been suffering with Anorexia Nervosa (binge purge subtype) for 10 years now. She has permanent heart problems, shes has 2 heart attacks since January, and was in a coma in March. Shes constantly in the hospital due to her eating disorder, and shes spent 7 months in the hospital this year. It’s come to my attention that there are a lot of people on tumblr with “pro-anorexic” blogs who seem to WANT this disease and give “tips” to their followers to “become anorexic”. I want you to look at this photo, at this young girl who has wasted 10 years of her life in agony and ask yourself, how can you be pro this? How can you encourage others to do this to themselves? Please reblog this and help it get around to other blogs to show the reality of eating disorders and the pain they cause and put a stop to “pro anorexia” blogs.

SO glad someone finally made a post like this. Please reblog.

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so this is in dedication to sheena ( because she is one of my top 10 tumblr favourites, she lives like 1.5 hrs from me, and I fucking loooove her (from a distance, because she actually kinda intimidates me with her god damn no fux glory)

I’m so in love with her, I’m stealing her from her fiance 

let’s take a moment to appreciate that screen shot